Physical Health Education Scheme of Work for Primary 4

Physical Health Education Scheme of Work for Primary 4

Physical Health Education is a significant dimension of primary years teaching, particularly for pupils aged 8-9 years old. Apart from fostering well-being, it teaches essential abilities such as teamwork, discipline, and safety-oriented sentiments. This article examines the complete Physical Health Education Scheme of Work for Primary 4 pupils, which aims to offer a systematic protocol on physical education throughout the academic year.

The scheme of work for Primary 4 is organized into three terms, each with 13 weeks of meticulously developed activities to meet the pupils’ developmental needs. The first term is focused on developing elementary movement with locomotor and non-locomotor movements, as well as conducting athletic competitions such as the relay and sprint races. This term also includes days practicing essential first aid and familiarizes the pupils with different sports such as football and table tennis.

In the second term, the track events such as middle and long-distance activities, environmental management, and keeping fit. In this unit, basketball skills are taught as it promotes teamwork and coordination. The pupils also learn about the rules and regulations of basketball, including gymnastics, flexibility, and balance. The term ends with summary notes on food nutrition and precautions to be considered at home and school.

In the third term, the curriculum reappraises athletics with a focus on relay skills as well as offers an opportunity to pupils to get acquainted with volleyball and swimming. The ones that stick out are pathogens and disease, which pupils are taught about all health hazards and safety precautions, including drug education. In addition, at the end of the third term, revision lessons and exams are conducted, which help gauge pupils’ understanding and assessment of their overall progress over the year.

The Primary 4 Physical Health Education Scheme of Work offers a comprehensive perspective on physical education as it includes multiple activities to enhance one’s general well-being and skills. Pupils can improve their physical conditions and acquire essential life skills needed for teamwork, safety, and disease prevention while attending organized lessons and practical sessions. It helps to develop a good environment for pupils to achieve their best, feel confident, and maintain healthy lifelong habits.

First Term Physical Health Education Scheme of Work for Primary 4

2Moving our body parts: Locomotor movement
3Moving our body parts: Non-locomotor movement
4Athletic: Relay race
5Athletic: Sprint race
7Mid-term Break

Second Term Physical Health Education Scheme of Work for Primary 4

2Track event: Middle distance race
3Track event: Long-distance race
4Environmental Health
5Physical fitness
6Games: Basketball skills
7Mid-term Break
8Rules and regulations of basketball
10Food Nutrition
11Safety at home and school

Third Term Physical Health Education Scheme of Work for Primary 4

2Athletics: Relay race
3Relay skills
6Pathogens and diseases
7Mid-term Break
8Spread of diseases
9Disease prevention measures
10Drug education


Physical Health Education is central to the holistic development of primary school pupils. The proposed scheme of work for Primary 4 establishes a cohesive curriculum which cultivates the physical, social, and emotional aspects of an 8-9-year-old pupil. Through a systematic framework for physical education, the school fosters a culture of physical activity, healthy living, and life skills that promote a pupil throughout their life. Skill development, safety awareness, and well-being are essential features for lifelong learning and healthy living.

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