Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4

Basic Science Scheme of Work for primary 4

Basic Science is one of the core subjects taught at the primary level aiming to equip young pupils with a basic understanding of the natural aspects of their surroundings. For students in Primary 4, who are mostly aged between 8 and 9 years, the basic science scheme of work for primary 4 is designed to stimulate their inquisitiveness while enhancing their knowledge of science.

The following article will highlight the organization and scope of the Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4, the Basic Science Scheme of Work is taught and assessed through three terms consisting of various topics.

The Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4 has been structured across three terms. Each term has a several-week timeline of instruction, and at the end of which the pupils are examined to gauge their comprehension of the subject matter. The first term has coverage of revision, changes in nature plants, animals, weather and water, and this is to set the way for subsequent learning.

The second term covered such topics as soil, plant growth, mixtures, technology, and measurements. In addition to explaining the science behind each of these phenomena, students were allowed to assess their acquired knowledge via various fun hands-on activities.

The third term covered slightly more complex phenomena such as shapes construction, types of buildings, vehicles, forms of energy, food classification, and the human body. Most of these topics are designed to be a continuation of what was discussed and demonstrated in the previous two terms, thus allowing students to have a more in-depth understanding of the physical world and their place within it.

The Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4 is a well-organized and thought-out curriculum that takes into account the age-specific developmental needs and interests of eight to nine-year-old students. Throughout the three terms, students are introduced to various scientific concepts and principles, from the most fundamental principles of matter to the complex phenomenon of the human body.

As a result, motivating learners to participate in the subject and understand the matter, the theoretical background was actively supported by practical experiments and interactive activities that aimed to develop students’ scientific skills through observation, experimentation, and critical thinking.

First Term Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4

2Change in nature
3Change in plants and animals
4Change in plants and animals
5Change in plants and animals
6Our weather
7Mid-term Break
8Our weather

Second Term Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4

3Soil: Growing of plants
4Soil: Growing of plants
7Mid-term Break
8Products of technology
9Measurement (Liquid)
10Measurement (solids and time)
11Shapes construction with paper

Third Term Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4

3Types of building
5Forms of energy
6Food: Classes and uses
7Mid-term Break
8Harmful foods
9The digestive system
10The Human body (the mouth)
11Human body(the teeth)


The Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 4 is a significant structure for the science of teaching and learning at the primary level. The discovery and sense of nature put the learners into innovative science minds. With the help of a roadmap for learning and creative content, learners are given an awareness of exploring and knowing the environment around them, which creates a foundation for further knowing more about science as they grow.

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