The Current Official List Of NPA Courses & Programmes

Nigeria Police Academy (NPA)

The Nigeria Police Academy (NPA) is a special institution that offers various courses and programmes to train future police officers in Nigeria. The Academy was established in 1988 and located in Wudil, Kano State with the aims of producing highly skilled and disciplined police officers who are capable of maintaining law and order in the Nigeria.

The Police Academy was firstly proposed in 1980s as a way to improve the quality of police officers in Nigeria. The proposal was later approved by the then federal government 1988 with the aim of training cadet inspectors for three-yea before being commissioned as police officers.

After years of establishing the academy, the academy has included cadet ASPs (Assistant Superintendents of Police) and cadet ASP IIIs. The academy make use of international training curriculum to teach it cadets on policing, some of the courses offered in the curriculum include; criminal law, investigative techniques, and crime prevention strategies.

The academy has a modern campus with a well equipped classrooms, lecture halls, and accommodation facilities for cadets. The campus also has training grounds where cadets undergo practical training, academy also involves in research and development within the Nigerian Police Force.

The academy conducts research on various aspects of policing and law enforcement to identify best practices and improve the overall effectiveness of the police force.

NPA has also established partnerships with other law enforcement agencies and academic institutions both within Nigeria and internationally with the ain of helping to enhance the academy’s training programs and provide cadets with opportunities for international exposure and collaboration.

The courses offered include Basic Police Training Course, Advanced Detective Course, Cybercrime Investigation Course, and Traffic Management Course.

NPA also offers special training programmes in counter-terrorism, hostage negotiation, and VIP protection. The NPA’s courses and programmes are constantly updated to reflect the changing nature of crime.

List Of Faculties At Nigeria Police Academy (NPA)

1. Faculty of Law

2. Faculty of Science

3. Faculty of Humanities

4. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

5. Faculty of Medical Science

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List Of NPA Courses

The list of NPA courses and programmes includes;

  1. Accounting
  2. Banking & Finance
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Biology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Computer Science
  7. Criminology
  8. Economics
  9. English Language
  10. Forensic Science
  11. French
  12. Hausa
  13. History & International Studies
  14. Igbo
  15. Law
  16. Linguistics
  17. Management Studies
  18. Mathematics
  19. Physics
  20. Political Science
  21. Psychology
  22. Social Work
  23. Sociology
  24. Yoruba

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