The Current Official List Of NDA Courses & Programmes

Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is the foremost military institution in Nigeria.

The NDA offers various courses and programmes undergraduate programmes leading to a Bachelor’s degree in field such as Engineering, Social Sciences, and Military Science. The academy also runs postgraduate programmes for officers looking to further their education

The aim of the academy is to emphasize leadership training. The Aspiring officers in the academy undergo rigorous training in leadership, discipline, and military tactics to prepare them for the challenges of serving in the Nigerian Armed Forces.

The NDA’s curriculum also includes international relations, strategic studies, and conflict resolution course with the aim of providing cadets a well meaningful education in military and security matters.

Apart from the activities mentioned above NDA also engaged in physical training and drills to ensure that the academy cadets are physically fit and capable of meeting the demands of military life.

List Of Faculties At NDA

1. Faculty of Engineering

2. Faculty of Science

3. Faculty of Art and Social Science

4. Faculty of Military Science

5. Faculty of Management Science

List Of NDA Courses

The list of NDA courses and programmes includes;

  1. BSc Biology
  2. BSc Biotechnology
  3. BSc Chemistry
  4. BSc Mathematics
  5. BSc Physics
  6. BSc Computer Science
  7. BSc Cyber Security
  8. BSc Intelligence and Security Studies
  9. BSc Military Science
  10. B Eng Civil Engineering
  11. B Eng Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  12. B Eng Mechanical Engineering
  13. B Eng Mechatronics
  14. BA English
  15. BA French
  16. BSc Geography
  17. BA History and War Studies
  18. BSc Political Science and International Relations
  19. BSc Defence and Security Studies
  20. BSc Psychology
  21. BA Arabic
  22. BSc Accounting
  23. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  24. BSc Economics
  25. BSc Management Sciences

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