The Current Official List Of FUTD Courses & Programmes


Would you consider a career in transportation engineering, logistics, or any other related profession? Would you attend a specialized and highly recognized university focused on research and innovativeness in the field of transportation technology?

If so, the Federal University of Transportation Daura, Katsina (FUTD), is the best option for your consideration. FUTD is the first of its kind not only in Nigeria but also in Africa.

The institution was founded in 2029 by the Federal Government of Nigeria, with the assistance of the China Civil Engineering Construction Company; CCECC Nigeria Ltd. and it is a component of the Lagos-Kano Railway Modernization Project.

The university aims to provide a transport-focused education, training and research institution that will complement the human capacity development required in the transportation sector, particularly, the railway.

The university is situated about 5 km along Kano Road off the City of Daura in Katsina State in 280.58Ha of land. The university is well-equipped with modern infrastructure that includes a canteen, dormitories, a teaching building, a laboratory building, multifunction classrooms, a library, a logistics building, a sports ground, landscaping, internal roads and a fence.

It also has a motto which reads “Innovation Through Science and Technology” and a vision to become a Centre of Excellence of a world standard with a high proficiency in transportation technology.

The university offers various courses in the areas of focus. The institution also awards first degrees, postgraduate degrees, and diplomas, among other professional certificates.

The university engages in extensive entrepreneurship research that focuses on transportation engineering, logistics, and other identified courses of study to diversify and strengthen the growth of the postmodern transportation industry.

The university also partners with various local institutions, including the National Universities Commission, the Federal Ministry of Transportation and international institutions, including, CCECC Nigeria Ltd, and TEAM Nigeria Ltd, which focuses on ensuring quality standards, accreditation, and technology transfer.

If you are looking for one the best courses you can study at the Federal University of Transportation Daura, Katsina, below is the list of all courses offered in the university.

List Of Faculties/Colleges At FUTD

1. Faculty of Basic Engineering

Faculty of Basic Engineering is made up of three departments; Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Civil Engineering majors in design, infrastructure construction, and maintenance. Electrical and Electronics Engineering majors in Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Usage of Electrical Energy.

Mechanical Engineering has two B. Eng. programs, one in Mechanical Engineering, concentrating on machine design, analysis, and manufacture and one in Mechatronics Engineering, this branch combines mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering to develop smart and rational systems.

These departments form the basis of the university’s Engineering fields.

2. Faculty of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

The Faculty of Traffic and Transportation Engineering teaches the engineering of transportation systems and means. It includes two departments: Highway Engineering and Railway Engineering.

3. Faculty of Transportation Logistics, Management and Planning

The Faculty of Transportation Logistics, Management, and Planning is an umbrella academic entity with the responsibility of dealing with the management, planning, and logistics of various transportation systems and methods.

There are six departments under the faculty, namely Aviation Management, Highway Management, Logistic and Supply Chain Management, Maritime Management, Railway Management, and Transportation Management and Planning.

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List Of FUTD Courses

1B.Eng. Civil Engineering
2B.Eng. Railway Engineering
3B.Eng. Highway Engineering
4B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
5B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering
6B.Eng. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
7B.Sc. Maritime Economics
8B.Sc. Aviation Management
9B.Sc. Transport Management
10B.Sc. Logistics & Supply Chain Management
11B.Sc. Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration
12BSc. Railway Transport Management
13B.Sc. Sea Port & Dry Port Management
14B.Sc. Inland Waterways Safety & Environmental Administration

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