The Current Official List Of FUHSO Courses & Programmes


If you are searching for a reputable institution that offers courses and programmes in the health technology field, look no further than the Federal University of Health Technology Otukpo Benue State (FUHSO).

Approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC), this universty is a top-tier institution that provides students with a range of programmes and courses to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

The purpose of writing this article is to provide a comprehensive guide of faculties and colleges,and the various programmes and courses available under each Faculties at FUHSO

If you are looking for one of the best courses you can study at the Federal University of Health Technology, Otukpo Benue State, we have compiled a list of all the courses available at the university below.

List Of FUHSO Programmes/Faculties

The faculties are listed and explained below:

1. Faculty of Science: The faculty science at FUHSO is established in order to produce graduates who are competent enough in scientific research, innovation, and problem-solving. For the university to achieve this aim the institution offers various courses in sciences, such as biology, biotechnology, zoology, microbiology, chemistry, medical physics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, computer science, and botany.

2. College of Medicine: The college of medicine at FUHSO is dedicated to produce skilled graduate who are capable of diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases. The college has four faculties; Basic Medical Science, Basic Clinical Science, Clinical Science, and Dentistry. The college offers programs in medicine, surgery, dentistry, and other related fields.

3. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences: The faculty of pharmaceutical science was established by FUHSO with the aim of producing graduate who are competent in the field of drug and the related courses

4. Faculty of Biomedical Engineering: The reason for the establishment of this faculty is to produce graduates who are capable of designing, developing, testing, and maintaining biomedical devices, systems, and processes that improve human health and quality of life.

5. Faculty of Allied Medical Science: Faculty of Allied Medical Science was established with the aim of producing graduates who are capable of providing healthcare services, education, and research that complement and support the work of physicians and other health profession. Some of the programmes offers in this faculty include; nursing, physiotherapy, radiography, medical laboratory science, and public health.

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List Of FUHSO Courses

6Medical Physics
9Computer Science
11Medicine and Surgery
13Biomedical Engineering and Technology
17Medical Laboratory Science
18Public Health

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